Assorted, etc.

It seems that I get bursts of productivity soon before I go to bed. When I’m finishing up washing the dishes, I’ll see the trash bin and say, ‘I might as well take that out.’ I might as well take out the paper recycling. I might as well wash the bin lid. No, I didn’t do the last one. That’s when I decided it could wait until later.

I was going to work more today, but didn’t. I slept and read and listened to the radio instead. I’m ready for Ros to come back from London, but at least I’ll see people in the office tomorrow.

For those who know Chris, there has been news from her: she and her students are safe in Cairo. Her mom wrote, ‘Cairo is volatile, Chris is one cool cucumber’. That’s Chris, all right.

Yesterday was my grandmother’s funeral. She was my last grandparent to have died, and I have been overseas for all but one of my grandparents’ deaths, save one, and he died before I was born. An entire generation of my family has passed away. May light perpetual shine upon them. I think I’ll call my dad before getting ready for bed.

That’s all for now. Book list will be posted tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Assorted, etc.

  1. Megan says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed a relaxing day. And that Chris is doing alright. I think it funny that you use mum when referring to your own but mom for Chris’s mother who is American like yours. It’s understandable, just funny.

    Sorry about your grandmother’s passing. I will be praying for your family and yourself as you’re across the sea. ❤


  2. Chera says:

    Thank you, Megano.

    I slip in and out of using ‘mum’. I don’t call my mom ‘mum’ when I’m talking to her, and I’ve talked to her a lot over the past few days. That probably explains why I’ve slid back to using the Americanism.


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