Exercises, ice, and rest are helping my wrist to calm down, but I knew that if I wanted to get any writing done today I would have to find a different way to go about it. I can type one-handed, but that’s tedious. Knowing that it’s all about the angle of the wrist when typing, I decided to take a cue from Anna’s standing desk.

Normally the nook is home to our music books and the stack of books I’m borrowing from friends, with just enough space for the computer to sit. This set up has been working well for today. When my ankles and knees protest from standing, I can sit down to think or to consult the materials spread out on the table.

A few people have half-jokingly suggested that I invest in dictation-software, but for what I’m doing that just isn’t feasible. I’d be better off with an amanuensis — and one who knows Middle English as well as I do, and isn’t afraid of Old English or Latin (or even Spanish, French, and German) either. I doubt dictation software is sensitive enough to know which dialect of Middle English I’m reading from, or to handle that each word can have multiple variants of spelling. So for now, the standing desk is working. I have over 1000 words written, and still have more of the day left to go.