Watching, waiting

Internet and mobile phone networks have been cut off in Egypt since early this morning. I hope that my friend Chris, and the students she’s looking after, are safe. They were supposed to go to Luxor this weekend, but they might still be in Cairo. She and I are supposed to Skype on Sunday. Who knows if the Internet will be back up by then?

I’ve been listening to radio reports about Tunisia and have a personal interest in what is happening in Egypt just now. Oddly, no one else I know seems to be following the protests and the ripple-effect they are having across the region.

The ruling party’s headquarters is on fire. It’s right next to the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. Please, oh please, I hope the museum does not catch fire, too.

Watch live updates from the BBC here: BBC News – Egypt Unrest.

Watch Al Jazeera in English: Live Stream.

If it isn’t one thing

…it’s something else.

I had a breakthrough about how to structure the current chapter and was really looking forward to starting over with it today. Except that promptly after writing out my thoughts and outline last night my wrist started hurting. It’s been in a brace since yesterday evening. My plan of writing 700+ words today has just gone out the window. I’ve done everything else I wanted to do today. Today hasn’t been a complete loss, work-wise.

So I guess I’ll go steal Six Medieval Romances from Rebecca’s desk and read Sir Isumbras.