Restructuring the thesis:

  1. The ‘Religion’ chapter is now more specifically the demon and Melusine chapter. What is the difference between fairy and demon? The Case of Melusine.
  2. Finally have my hands on medieval texts that talk about angels and demons. Trevisa is my new best friend, despite his difficult dialect, and Sidrak and Bokkus might just be my new favourite thing.
  3. Taboos and mortality and talk of purgatory moved to the no-longer-slim ‘Death’ chapter. That is going to be a fun chapter.
  4. Look! Two out of four of my chapters deal with medieval theology. My thesis has gone back to being what I wanted it to be all along.

Restructuring the novel:

  1. Probably taking out one of the pov-characters, leaving two.
  2. Debating whether to take out another pov-character, switch to first person, and/or tell it as a memoir. Yikes!

In other news, my headphones are far too effective. Ros just came home, complete with the opening and closing of our very loud front doors, and was standing right next to me before I knew she was home. As for my office, I might need to install a mirror above my desk so that I won’t jump out of my skin every time someone comes through the door.