New schedule

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve created a new work schedule and this was my first week to try it out. I spend the mornings in my office doing research and writing my thesis. After lunch, a friend and I go to a café (we alternate between two favourites: one with good tea and wifi, the other with excellent cake) where we mutually ignore each other for an hour and a half. She reads, and I work on novel planning. I’m currently working on Serpents, the not-prequel to Bede. It’s amazing how much world-building you can do in just an hour a day. Then afterward I return to the office to see what other PhD-y things I can do for the rest of the afternoon.

I research better in the mornings, and I’m somewhat saner when I’m in the midst of a creative writing project. I also find it easier to do my research when my mind is already occupying that level of puzzle-making that comes with creating a world for a story. So the new schedule is working well.

However, it still needs tweaking after this first week of experimenting. I need to go to bed earlier, for one. Also, it’s somewhat difficult to get back into research in the afternoons. I may have to relegate the afternoon hours to thesis-related material, e.g. resuming Latin or reading contemporary primary texts, rather than to the actual research and writing of the thesis itself. Unless I’m in really good form one day, of course, or if there’s a deadline coming up.

Overall, I am pleased that I am getting more or less the same amount of thesis work done as I did when I used to spend the whole day in the office, and I’m getting other things done, too.

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