Fairy Times: Update

Due to snow and the holidays, my supervisor and I have been relying on email correspondence over the past several weeks to keep up with my current chapter. I just love how ideas ping back and forth: just today, she mentions including Sir Orfeo and the undead in my study on corporeality and Melusine, and I realise that if I do that within my discussion of Fairyland in Sir Orfeo being analogous to Purgatory, I can also include suspended animation, the resurrection of the body in the afterlife, and the body in Purgatory itself, all while demonstrating how medieval concern about these issues are worked out in Sir Orfeo. This, in addition to my discussion of corporeality and mortality as possible requisites for salvation, especially in Melusine, will make for one very interesting and NEW study of medieval fairy and medieval Christianity. (Do you hear the exclamation marks?)

I know I don’t blog about my PhD very often. This is just to let you know that I still have a pretty darn cool thesis topic.

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