5 thoughts on “Walking in the air

  1. Megan says:

    I think I saw this once and though I was kind of creepy, but I liked it better this time. The whale part was neat, but my favorite is probably the penguins. Or the girl thinking she saw Father Christmas- “No, little girl, Santa isn’t real; that was a flying snowman you saw. Of course THEY’RE real!”


  2. Chera says:

    Rebecca: No, I’ve never seen it. Our television doesn’t actually pick up any channels, but I’ll see if I can find a way to watch it. And the Doctor Who and Merlin Christmas specials!


  3. Rebecca says:

    There’s always iPlayer live for DW and Merlin. The Snowman is on Channel 4 at 1.20pm on Christmas Eve. It’s a Christmas classic, I guess. I’ve probably watched it every year since I was about 3. It might be available on 4oD after the event:

    PS I’m sorry for being out of touch. Have had a fever, sore throat, cough, dizziness, etc. for a few days, and have just been kind of pushing myself to keep going through various visits to various people. Now have given up at Phil’s mum and dad’s house.


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