Lade Braes walk.

Casey and I went for a walk down the Lade Braes on Tuesday. It was lovely. Although the snow is melting now, I’m glad I got a chance to see the Kinnessburn and trees all covered with snow.

Dinner tonight was Chinese take-out. I’ve lost track when I last cooked dinner. More than a week ago? When leftovers ran out, I’ve been relying on the charity of friends, and tonight, take-out. It’s one of those weeks (er, fortnight?). But tonight I made paper snowflakes with Sarah via Skype, and now I’m going to see if I can’t fix up Ebenezer, our wonky medium-sized tree.

2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh, I was thinking about the triumvirate of cooking but not cooking this evening, and I thought of you: cheese on toast (grilled cheese to you), beans on toast, and eggs (i.e. scrambled) on toast.
    Also, pizza from the chilled cabinets of the supermarket, or takeaway from Pizza Express. 🙂


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