November 2010

Books read in November:

  1. Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures, by Bonnie Worth.
  2. Instructions, by Neil Gaiman.
  3. The Wonderful O, by James Thurber.
  4. Further Fables for Our time, by James Thurber.
  5. The Outlaws of Sherwood, by Robin McKinley.


A few notes and queries:

  1. Congratulations to Rebecca for graduating with a Master of Letters with Distinction in Mediaeval English today.
  2. Rebecca and I have had our two-part panel accepted to next year’s Leeds International Medieval Congress. Huzzah!
  3. Being homebound due to arthritis and inclement weather is lonely.
  4. Where can one find chipotle in adobo sauce in the noble Princedom of Fife?
  5. Oh, why should the shattermyth have to be a crumplehope and a dampenglee?
  6. And, though it ruineth the symmetry: I have an excellent supervisor.