True peace

I recently read someone’s observations about the meaning of ‘peace’. She said that it was more than the absence of conflict; that it was also, or instead, the feeling that ‘all is right in the world’. How very wrong this is. Everything isn’t right in the world and it never will be. Yes, peace is more than simply the absence of conflict, but let us not be naïve. Peace in faith is not a feeling, but like love and joy it is a verb, a lifestyle. We live peace. We live love. We live joy. These are choices made and often failed, but we pick up and continue anyway. And when we do this, we live grace.

4 thoughts on “True peace

  1. Chera says:

    No Megan, I hadn’t seen this — but I haven’t been reading much news lately.

    All is not right in the world. May your students find that their loved ones are safe. And for those who died, may light perpetual shine upon them.


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