To there and back

Hello readers. I suppose it’s been a while. I don’t know why most people say that jet-lag is worse going west instead of going east, because the last two times for me it has definitely been worse on the return journey.

I was in the U.S. the last two weeks: Boston and Northampton and Quincy in Massachusetts; Dayton, Ohio; and Denver and Vail in Colorado. I don’t make traveling simple, do I? But I had a lovely, all-American time with Laura, Sarah, and Kelly. I went to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game, the Air Force Museum, and spent a weekend at Sirens, an annual conference on women, writing, and fantasy. This year’s theme was Faerie, and Kelly and I presented on folkloric and religious syncretism in Elizabeth Marie Pope’s The Perilous Gard. I talked etymology with Marie Brennan, heard an excellent keynote by Terri Windling, had breakfast with Sherwood Smith, Ellen Kushner, and Mette Ivie Harrison, and also discussed PhDs, theses, and editors with Mette Ivie Harrison. All in all, it was a rather successful conference.

I may or may not have almost been denied entry upon my return to the U.K., thanks to one visa expiring after the other visa started, but after a brief discussion it was determined that the failure to activate my visa was not my fault, but Edinburgh’s. Ah. Still, the first thing you don’t want to hear upon landing is an immigration officer demanding, ‘Where are your papers?’, especially when you’ve only had two hours of sleep on a 9-hour flight. I am back home now, in my house in a town by the sea, with an office and friends and students to teach, so all is well.