First things

Today I roasted a chicken. I had never dealt with a whole bird before. It was the bizarrest thing — perhaps made even more bizarre by that I was Skyping with Kelly at the same time, and at one point may have said, “Look! The wings flap!” and Ros may or may not have walked in shortly after this.*

Ros and I jointly entertained for the first time tonight. I made tortilla soup for dinner and she made apple tart tatin for pudding. It was very fun, and I’m glad that the Ackers were able to come over to join us.


* It always astounds me when people think at first that I am so dignified.

5 thoughts on “First things

  1. Kelly says:

    I contemplated lying about nightmares and daymares and developing a twitch, but I decided merely to say, Let’s not do that again, okay? And by Let’s I mean You. πŸ˜›


  2. Chera says:

    Rebecca: Now, let’s not be hasty…

    Kelly: I will try not to talk to you whilst preparing a raw chicken. Unless of course you are with me in person, in which case you won’t mind because you will get to eat said chicken when it is finished.


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