Hi, My Name Is

The Sharpes, Ackers, and I usually sit near each other at church and then stand together during tea and coffee afterward. This Sunday, however, Jesse (of the Sharpes) and Faith (of the Ackers) were both away.

A woman who is new to the church walked over to me and Isaac during the coffee time and said, “I thought I would meet some of the other families with kids.”

“Hi,” I said, shaking her hand. “I don’t have any kids.” Already beginning to be confused, she then asked if Isaac was a student (she didn’t ask me). He said no, he wasn’t, but his wife is, and that his wife is away that week. Then she looked at me, again, even more confused. “I’m a student in the School of English, and I work in the same building as his wife,” I said. I pointed at Casey. “The boys are hers. Her husband is also a student and I share an office with him.”

It was an honest mistake: Isaac and I were standing together, I helped Casey with the boys during Communion. This is just one more chapter in how we have managed to thoroughly confuse the congregation of this church. Fortunately I’m no longer complimented for my well-behaved boys (the little old ladies have finally figured out that both boys belong Casey), but I’ve also been asked if I’m related to the Sharpes (well, the boys do call me Aunt), or if I live with them (I suppose we do always arrive and leave together).

Perhaps to prevent any future confusion, now that the Ackers are involved, we should start wearing name tags…

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