At home Friday

Some things I have done today:

  • Hoovered the walls and ceiling of the stairwell;
  • Hoovered the tops of light shades in two rooms;
  • Hoovered the light in the foyer;
  • Hoovered thoroughly the sitting room;
  • Washed very dusty curtains;
  • Sorted out some electrical cords and where to put them;
  • Napped in an armchair in the sun;
  • Installed a “new” microwave in the kitchen;
  • Cleaned said kitchen;

and so on and so forth. I also managed not to make an enemy of the rather large spider who has been hanging out on our sitting room wall all day. Why have I been doing so much hoovering? Ever since we moved in I’ve been sneezing — and no wonder, as dust is everywhere. There was even dust in the dining chairs. I really don’t understand how the previous occupants could never have thought to vacuum the cobwebs off the ceiling or how they could have let a centimeter-deep of dust form on the tops of the light shades. Anyhow, I will be very sad to return the Dyson I have been borrowing to its rightful owner. I wish I had £179.99 for a Dyson of my own.

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