August 23

1. I am copying Kelly from The Literary Cat, and I’m completely okay with this. (Is she?)

2. I survived the weekend bite-free. (I am, however, still having nightmares about bedbugs.)

3. I met with my supervisor today, and it was good. She told me to relax and take a deep breath and endure to the end of August, and then we can start over in September. (She also told me to stop being OCD and trying to read all of books.)

4. I keep finding myself in the magic section(s) of the library. One day I expect to have to take holy water with me, as I peruse through titles such as The Black Arts or Thinking with Demons, or to have the PMS walk up while I’m looking through one of his books. (I suppose someday I should tell him I’m studying fairies, so that he won’t write a book on them before me.)

5. I’m feeling positively decadent with my dinner of lemon rosemary salmon, white rice with leftover mushroom sauce from golden pork chops, spinach salad, and mango with cottage cheese. (However, me + mango = most dangerous fruit possible. I haven’t cut myself—yet.)

6. I am going to see a Red Sox/Yankees game with Laura in October. (My eloquence in the enthusiasm of the moment was: “that would be totally super cool awesome”.)

7. I read a very well written, reasonable and eloquent discussion of censorship and YA fiction and libraries: The Season of Censorship, by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel. (You should read it, too.)

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