Shine like stars

I spend each night in the backyard • Staring up at the stars and the moon • • Maybe this was made for me • For lying on my back in the middle of a field • Maybe that’s a selfish thought • Or maybe there’s a loving God

‘Maybe there’s a loving God’, Sara Groves

There have been a number of occasions this summer that I have walked at night when it was dark, but tonight was the first I encountered the night. It was a year ago around this time that I last went stargazing, when I went, as I did tonight, to watch the Perseid meteor shower. I went up to the field just behind my house, and was struck by the clarity of starlight. I forget how clear the sky is here, how close the sky is, that even the stars seem only an arm’s length away. There were so many stars that it took me a moment to get my bearings, and even then I couldn’t find all the constellations I usually find familiar for the abundance of points to begin my patterning. So instead I marvelled, and listened to the wind in the field and felt the crispness of the air and watched as the afterthoughts of a comet burned through the sky. Two miles away the town bell tolled midnight, and clouds pulled a blanket over the stars.

• • Maybe I was made this way • To think and to reason and to question and to pray

Perhaps I should go stargazing more often.

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