No more fairies?

Thanks for the well-wishes, folks. You will be pleased to know that I braved rice and lentils for dinner last night, and a boiled egg, and seem to be fine. I think a grocery trip today is in order. Kelly says I need to eat more meat.

“No more fae/vampires/angels/gods/etc.” saith one literary agent. I’m glad to see someone putting their foot down about this tidal wave of vampirism in recent fantasy, but… fairies and gods, too? Though I call myself a science-fiction writer, the last three novels I’ve written have been fantasy, as are the next two novels I have in mind. And… I write dysfunctional fairy tale medieval romances. How can I not, with all the medieval romances I read for work? The Faerie King retells Sir Orfeo and Sleeping Beauty; The Knight of the Rose is a combination of Beauty and the Beast and Cupid and Psyche.

Fortunately, I wasn’t planning on submitting them any time soon. It would probably be better for my thesis/academic career if I chose to wait to submit any of my silly fairy stories until after my thesis is done and finished, for the very same reasons my supervisor wants me to be very, very serious in my academic writing. So the pendulum swings, but no one will stay uninterested in fairies for very long.

Only 10,000 words left of JuNoWriMo. I have been remiss on posting excerpts this time around. So a little bit from what I wrote yesterday…

* * *

The Star Queen led them out near to the tip of the bastion and looked up. Linus mimicked her, and caught his breath. The stars had never seemed closer than they did just then. Almost as if he could just reach his hand out to them could he pluck one out of the sky, but he did not try. Each one sparkled and spun. Each at first, he thought, was white, but as he watched them closer he saw that some twinkled with bits of yellow, others with blue, still others with orange and red and green. As they sparkled he saw that each was a woman dancing. And as they danced, the stars sang.

No sweeter music had Linus ever heard than the song of the stars. He knew not what they sang of, only that it was music, the purest essence of music ever known. The Star Queen stood beside him, her hands clasped at her breast, and her eyes glistened in the starlight of her sisters. They stood there for a while, Star Queen and mortal knight, listening, entranced.

The Pooka hopped from the lady’s shoulder to Linus’s. “Sing, you fool,” it hooted in his ear.

Linus could not help but sing.

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