Cream Crackers

Jacob’s Cream Crackers, ‘The Original and Best’, and they are pretty tasty. And pretty much the only thing my stomach really likes right now, even though there is enough of a nutritionist in me to say, ‘You need protein, sugars, vitamins’, and so have also been eating a steady diet of PB&J sandwiches and dry cereal.

Being sick while being on your own is no fun. I woke up Wednesday with an upset stomach, but was still compelled to go into work because I had an overdue recalled book that had to be turned in before I racked up a huge fine, though despite my stoic efforts I was home again by noon. I spent a feverish afternoon in and out of sleep and slept 17 hours between Wednesday and Thursday. I was duly nervous, because the last time I got what was supposed to be a 24-hour bug, I spent five days in bed unable to keep even water or Gatorade in my system and poor Kali was on the brink of taking me to the hospital. (For those of you keeping count, that was also during my senior year of college.) Fortunately, it has not been so bad as that, and I felt better on Thursday, but have been taking a forced vacation for good measure. I know I’m beginning to feel more like myself because I am beginning to feel a bit stir crazy, but only a very little bit. I did laundry today, but I think grocery shopping will wait until tomorrow. Once I finish my PB&J I’ll be back in bed, reading, and then probably sleep some more.

Though why I blogged this instead of sending it as an email to Sarah, who is apparently my most faithful (only?) reader, I don’t know. Not all of my lurking readers have grad school, small children, or poor Internet as an excuse…  There. Obviously I’m feeling enough of myself to start being snarky.


8 thoughts on “Cream Crackers

  1. Megan says:

    Aww, I wish I or someone was there to be your nurse. I’m glad you’re getting some rest and feeling a little better, and I’ll pray you continue on the mend.

    I read you. I just don’t always write.


  2. Maegen says:

    Faithful but silent reader. Sorry to be so quiet.

    I hope you’re feeling better enough to eat soon but understand what it’s like to only have your stomach tolerate next to nothing. I’ll send healthy thoughts and love from my two little bunnies your way.


  3. Anna says:

    I read! I just read in big chunks, and I have to admit to being remiss in my attention to fellow bloggers since I randomly quit without meaning to… I really need to start again… if only my life would quit changing so quickly, I can’t seem to stop my head from spinning…


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