Points of interest

Some other things about Leeds:

  • There was a storm. Several storms. With actual lightning and rolling thunder and rain crashing down in sheets. I stood at the window and watched and watched and forgot my headache for a little while.
  • I had my suspicions confirmed that fairies do not fit into the ‘monsters’ box, nor the ‘supernatural’ box, nor the ‘magic’ box. Therefore, I have something else to include in my thesis.
  • The MEARCSTAPA people were the nicest strangers I met. I guess people studying ‘border-walker’ type things tend to walk on the borders themselves. And being that I study fairies, which are by definition liminal beings, means that I, too, can be part of MEARCSTAPA.
  • I reread The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le Guin. I can never choose which of the Earthsea Trilogy is my favorite. “It was very strange. Living, being in the world, was a much greater and stranger thing than she had ever dreamed.”
  • I got a green Jute bag with a dragon on it. He is wearing a hat. This probably makes me happier than it should.
  • I sat near the back of a crowded bus on the way to the rail station this morning. Another medievalist was near the front of the bus, and he gave up his seat once to a woman who was standing, and secondly to a man who was carrying a baby. These little acts of kindnesses have made me smile all day.

I am in lovely Oxfordia now. I wasn’t in Oxford for more than fifteen minutes before someone was asking me for directions. I followed notes left for me by the Hardins to get into their house (it was fun. I got to climb through a window!) and had dinner with them. Now I’m with Chris, having three conversations at once.

Visiting Oxford always feels a little bit like stepping back into one of my homes.