Colour and glory

A friend of mine from college wrote on her blog about five things that help her to believe in God, and one of them was Oklahoma sunsets. She wrote:

For those of you who have never seen one…you’re missing out. They’re glorious, especially in the summer. I’ve seen every color in the rainbow in an Oklahoma Sunset–the pink ones are the most incredible. There’s just something about driving (or sitting, or walking, or flying) at sunset in Oklahoma…you can feel something special in the air. Now, I know there are scientific explanations for why it looks the way it does…but everytime I happen to see one, it helps me believe in God.

And though I have been feeling grey as of late, for no particular reason and it shall eventually fade away to be filed among those other grey periods, I am reminded of the brilliant colours of a glorious, prairie sunset: how the clouds turn to molten gold and the sky a pure gradient, catching all colours known to the eye, that you dare not look away lest you miss any of its glory. During my last two years in Oklahoma — two of my worst, in all honesty — it became a ritual to go to the steps of Raley chapel and watch the horizon until the sun was set and the first star was shining. I would lay back on the stone still warm from the sunlight, and in those moments relax, finding peace. I would bring my journal and my Book of Common Prayer, and as I lifted the pen I found that all my worries had ceased. “Whenever I sit to write in my journal at sunset,” I wrote once, “all thought of my intended words are forgotten, and I instead sing praises to the glory of the setting sun. […] I wish I could write like the colors I see.” However fleeting or fragmentary, these moments of peace only reinforced what I knew deep in the core of my soul: that the Lord our God, the Lord is One.