To catch up:

It appears that June is not a month for posting.

1. I have been reading primary texts, still in particular the epic Melusine, which is proving to be elusive even as I have an edition of the text right in front of me. That’s what happens when there’s only ever been two printed editions of a text and the last one was done in 1895. It appears that the two only other people in the world who study this text live in Australia. Also, I find that I will need to even further increase my palaeography skills, that I can not only recognise the scribal hand but also identify the dialect in which it is written. This, my dear readers, is being a medieval scholar.

2. I have been working in Special Collections, in which I’m a minion for the Manuscripts librarian. Thus far I’ve been inventorying the manuscripts in one of the stacks and reboxing them as necessary. Mostly I’ve been unrolling and rerolling old maps for county buildings and council housing around Fife, though I have found the occasional Cold War military map (what it was doing rolled up inside a 1924 water planning map I can only guess) and the occasional list of indexes of gold mines in Australia from 1890. It reminds me quite a bit of my job at the museum, and so I am well pleased.

3. I have been watching the World Cup as I am able, and am pleased that the U.S. didn’t lose to England and that Mexico beat France, but am also quite upset about last night’s disallowed goal for the U.S. I personally consider it to have been a 3-2 win, and it seems that most of the world agrees with me. And before you ask whether I am supporting England, allow me to remind you that I live in Scotland.

4. I have been ill yet again with a sinus infection, coupled with allergies. Thus I have been forcing myself to go to bed early and, in the case of yesterday and today, to sleep late. I have been mostly successful. I would have been more successful if the necessity of chores and laundry did not fall on the day I have off. Oh well.

But as the washing is on the line and the chores can wait, I am going back to bed.

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