When worlds collide

Usually I go visit Sarah and David, but this time they came to visit me. This past week I have had the immense pleasure of trekking around Scotland with Sarah and David. We climbed Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, explored the castle and cathedral in St Andrews, hiked along part of the coastal path, and wandered around Stirling before heading back to Edinburgh again. It’s been a delight to show such dear friends my favourite haunts and to have them see what has become my life now.

Perhaps the highlight of the week was our lunch on Wednesday, which we shared with my other dear friends, the Sharpe family, for my birthday picnic.


(Somehow Casey managed to avoid getting photographed, hmm…)

I wish there were an equivalent in English to a sentiment I love from Spanish, to say that someone is hermano de mi corazón or mía hermana de mi alma. For to have friends so dear is truly to have brothers and sisters of the heart and soul.