Out walking

I began this morning with a leisurely breakfast of blueberry muffins, an omelet made with the last of the wild garlic, apple slices, tea, and Agatha Christie. I have Kelly to thank for both the muffins and the mystery. Though most mornings find me with a book in hand, I wish all mornings could be as peaceful.

I realised today that of the fifteen (15) books I got last year for my birthday (yes, fifteen), I have read all but one of them, and that remaining one is already near the top of my reading list. I am quite proud of myself for this fact.

This afternoon I went for a walk. While I was out, I met these guys:

It’s a good thing neither of them had yellow eyes, or I would have been off running. You have to be careful around black ponies. One of them might be a Pooka. As it was, these were not very photogenic ponies.

The view from the top of the hill back into town. It was relaxing to get out for a bit, to spend a couple of hours wandering through rapeseed fields with the town out of sight, and listening to the larks sing into the wind.

7 thoughts on “Out walking

  1. Carrie says:

    There’s something about the earth without MAN that is soothing to MAN, even if the green is tilled. More and more of our surrounding environs here are being developed. It’s tiring on the soul and psyche.

    I’m glad we have a house and 17 acres we control in SC. It gives me encouragement that I have a place with trees, breezes, and no development. Except maybe a satellite dish!


  2. Chera says:

    Kelly: I sent you the list last year. What’s left is Unaccustomed Earth by Lahiri.

    Carrie: I agree. I’m glad you aren’t going to develop around the house! Though I think you should add some roses around the front porch…


  3. babiesandaccidentalsongs says:

    I hear wonderful things about Unaccustomed Earth, so it must have been a great pile of books to just have that one left.

    It sounds like you had a lovely Saturday; the photos are beautiful. Will you come up to Allanhill Strawberry farm with us one Saturday this summer? The views there are similar to your last photo, but made even nicer with pots of tea and strawberry cakes (solitariness unfortunately not included)!


    • Chera says:

      It was, for in that pile was also Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clarke, and Umberto Eco. I’ll be reading Lahiri soon, I just haven’t been in the mood for short stories.

      I would love to come with you to Allanhill! Solitariness is nice sometimes but other times company with friends is preferred. And how can I pass up tea and strawberry cakes?


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