Work, work, play

There’s a line in the Bible about perfect love casting out fear. That I don’t know about, but orneriness will definitely do it every time.

Tamsin, Peter S. Beagle

It took a few months, but I think I’ve finally won my supervisors over to my topic; that I do have a serious, scholarly interest in fairy and don’t just want to dance around at the bottom of the garden. And lest you think the same, dear readers, please know that when I say that I study fairy, I mean that I am studying how fairy was used to explore gender, death, and religion in medieval English and Scottish literature. Maybe Maia was right, I should title my thesis, ‘Fairy: sex, death, and God’.

But I suppose I shouldn’t tell the Supers that I have half a mind to include Peter S. Beagle in my acknowledgments, because if it weren’t for The Last Unicorn, I might not have had an interest in the Middle Ages, and if not for Tamsin, I might not have kept reading about the Pooka. And now I find myself wondering why I haven’t read more of his books…

I also only have, say, 70k left of this thing to write. Hey, I’m a 4-time NaNoWriMo champion. 70k in 2-3 years is totally doable. (I say this as much to myself as to anyone else…)

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