O sunny day!

The past few days summer has come with a vengeance. It hit an unprecedented 80 F / 26 C today. My washing was dry by lunchtime, so I could take it down without worrying about it while I went into town. I spent the afternoon walking barefoot on the edge of the surf along the length of East Sands and then rewarding myself with two scoops of ice cream bought at the harbour, and climbing up to sit on the edge of St Mary on the Rock to look out over the piers and the sea. I meandered past the castle and looped back to read for a bit in the cathedral. It is still quite warm, being now 9 PM. There is a fabulous rose and gold sunset, but I am much too tired to climb the hill in order to see it in all its glory.

Earlier this week a friend of mine gave me a bunch of wild garlic, or ramsons. Since the acclaimed chef, Lt. David Williams (husband of my dear friend Sarah) also sent me his pizza dough recipe this week, I thought I would experiment with both. Borrowing an idea from Casey, I wilted the wild garlic in olive oil. The result was a pizza topped with wild garlic, olives, mushrooms, and onion. I’m quite pleased at my first attempt at making a pizza from scratch.

I still have wild garlic left, so I will have to find more things to try — and more pizza dough, so I think I’ll be having pizza again next week.

Ah, the beginning of summer: after two days of lots of walking, I am quite tired, and I shall be going to bed before the sun has finished setting.

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