10-min or less

Back when I lived in Gannochy (oh so very long ago), my default meal was often tortellini with veg: literally a 5-minute meal to boil the tortellini and stir fry the vegetables. Tonight, when I realised with a raging headache that I had forgotten to defrost the meat and didn’t have enough milk for porridge (another default), I thought: ‘I have vegetables, I have pasta, I can still eat.’

And so I did, and realised then what the habit of actually cooking has created: I added seasoning to the veg, I tossed a bouillon cube in with the pasta as an experiment (a hint of flavour, not much—but bland is probably better for me right now). When it was done some 8 minutes later, I put it all in a bowl and topped with some Parmesan cheese I happened to have in the fridge. A simple meal I could make while operating on only half a brain and yet infinitely better than the recourse meals I was eating a year ago at this time.

(I commented to Faith this morning that I don’t often post every day, which is true. I had written another post in my head this morning but I think I’ll sit on it for a while. You’ll just have to wait.)

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