Unoccupied space

All the ash still in the sky from Eyjafjallajokull makes for a lovely hazy sunset: peach clouds, blue sky, a glimmer of Venus and a crescent moon. The sky is darkening and still I find myself gazing at it.

There were indeed dragons in Ireland, and fairies and ghosts and giants besides. Some of these giants included Helen Cooper, Derek Pearsall, Maldwyn Mills, Ad Putter and, well, everyone. They were all citing each other in their papers and meeting the postgraduates during coffee breaks. Helen Cooper assured me that there is plenty left to do on fairies, even if she just finished supervising a PhD thesis on them, and that if I ever come down to Cambridge to be sure to come on a Wednesday so as to go to their medieval seminar. I’ll keep that in mind whenever I get around to planning a big research trip.

Object of Unoccupied Space

I was a little sad to leave the warmth and sunshine that bathed Ireland that one weekend, and return to the damp cold blowing in from the North Sea, but today was cloudless and the townspeople restless. For the first time since… I don’t know, September? the group of us sat outside in the garden for lunch. Still unable to focus, I took a walk down to East Sands where it seemed every family with small children was building sandcastles or wading in the water. I watched a sailboat go out into the harbour and then I made a garland out of daisies. It being a sunny Friday, the group of us at 66 found ourselves sitting once more in the garden, sharing a strawberry danish between the four or five of us. While we talked, I fiddled with some wire I found on a chair, and made an Object of Unoccupied Space. I would quote from The Dispossessed by Ursula K Le Guin, but I’ve loaned out my copy, so just believe me when I say that I was imitating Takver.

At last, at last, I have begun to watch Doctor Who. It a new season, a new Doctor, and so I can begin without feeling like I’m missing anything. I already can’t wait until tomorrow’s episode…

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