The ancient Night

I’ve been working on a new playlist for ‘Whiter than snow’, a short story that has been dreaming itself in my head for quite a while. I think I’ve decided to end the playlist with Steven Delopoulos’s ‘Open Your Eyes’, if only for this line:

Take me through the stream
Across the ancient night

—though certainly the song holds more relevant lines than that. I have been surrounded too much by Fantasy, by magic and things tied to the earth. This year is supposed to be the Year of Orion; my mind longs to break free of gravity and clouds and atmosphere, to cross into the ancient night and dwell in those silences between the stars.

I have been editing Bede, yes—but editing is not the same as creating. Tolkien once said that because we are made in the image of a Creator-God, we too contain the creative impulse…

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