Stupid hypocrisy

Warning: Time for my soapbox.

A friend of mine from undergraduate posted on her facebook, ‘So I know I’m not allowed to take the preaching class at X Seminary, but what if I came to the weekend expository preaching workshop?’ According to her seminary, it is unbiblical for a woman to preach to both men and women. They restrict the preaching class to men only to prevent any woman from graduating and then becoming a pastor of a church. My friend says that it’s unfair that she is also not allowed to learn expository teaching, because what if she has to teach at a women’s conference?

Other than the fact that banning women from the pulpit exhibits a belief that God’s power is limited—that he is unable to use a woman—I find their logic simply ridiculous. Women are not allowed to preach, and yet it is acceptable for them to teach women-only groups and children? But if they believe that women are incapable of understanding the nuances and complexities of the Word enough to teach men, why on God’s green earth are they going to let women teach at all? Why let them teach other women if they’re only going to get it wrong anyway (and they’ll all be getting it wrong, because they will all be women)? And to let them teach children? I suppose it’s to make sure the men have enough work to do when those kids grow up; those male pastors can keep their jobs by spending a lifetime doing corrective theology. If this is their idea of a compromise, it reeks of illogic.

And off I go to palaeography, because, you know, I’m smart enough to read medieval manuscripts in Latin.