Colors of spring

Today I sung the praises to the sun and sky that everyone sang yesterday; yesterday, I grumbled and growled as my arthritis was most displeased at the change in pressure. Be that as it may, today the sky just went up and up and if you had wings you would fly. It won’t last, not for now at least; the weather is topsy-turvy with the advent of spring, and I shall praise or complain until Nature stops turning us up-so-down (yea, I am as inconstant as the sea).

Yesterday I wore a pink pinstripe shirt underneath a teal jumper and thought, ‘Surely this is strange. But teal goes with pink, right?’ I have lived here long enough that my sense of color matching has warped. Just yesterday there was a girl wearing a red hoodie with a tiger faux-fur coat; today there was another girl wearing a black and white striped coat with fuchsia lace tights. Men’s trousers have taken to being bright green, teal, and purple. Where else can you see the Latin professor, arguably the most formidable man in town, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and kilt? Or a man wear a purple, pink, orange, and white striped shirt with a 60’s flower-power tie? I would never have expected to see a straight man in Oklahoma wear skinny jeans, but here? Anything is possible. I just smile.