The previous week (or two) in bullet points:

  • Megan paused in her Sojourn from India to the States to visit the Princedom of Fyffe for X days;
  • The aforesaid Sojourner and I did venture to Edinburgh and Inverness, during which my knees began to Protest Loudly, to be alleviated by the Use of a Cane;
  • The Mystery of the Undelivered Parcel becomes a concern to many;
  • I Slept little;
  • I completed the excellent Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and began If on a winter’s night a traveler by Italo Calvino;
  • I panicked, prepared and persevered through the First Thesis Meeting of This Year;
  • I was reminded that I am Dust and to Dust I Shall Return;
  • I have Shopped, Laundered and Hoovered to bring Order back into Chaos.

*  *  *

I have wanted to write about Never Let Me Go, but the only way to do so without it sounding utterly boring would be to give away the premise. I knew the premise going into the book, but it was something that the book revealed slowly, and I think that I would allow any of my readers and friends the opportunity to discover it for themselves. In short, as much as I disliked Remains of the Day, I enjoyed Never Let Me Go. I was surprised that many of the same techniques Ishiguro used in Remains of the Day were also used in Never Let Me Go, except that in the latter the perspective is first person instead of third, the stream of consciousness is purposeful instead of rambling, and, in my opinion, Never Let Me Go simply had a more compelling story. It is a novel I wish I had written; perhaps someday I may write like it.

I am glad for weekends. They are reset buttons when you just need to start a week afresh. And this weekend has done just that.