A Tale of Two Kitties

A month or so ago when I was at my parents’ house, our cat was in my room while I was going to sleep. She was trying to get into my closet. ‘Jewely,’ I said, ‘If you are just going to get into mischief, I will throw you out.’ She raised her chin, sniffed, and stalked to the door, where she deftly stuck her paw under the door and opened it. With a flick of her tail, she left.

This morning, Truffles was in a fey mood. I had already thrown her out of the bathroom where she was getting into trouble when she pushed open the door to my room with a glint in her eye. I sat at my desk journaling. ‘You will not make a nuisance of yourself, Truffles,’ said I. She turned around and slithered out the door. I shut it behind her.

I know, I need to catch-up. Accept this tale for now, and I shall finish my SORSAS application, go to Palaeography, go to a thesis meeting…

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Kitties

  1. Sarah says:

    😀 I ❤ kitties and even naughty kitties make me smile (unless they are mine and I'm dealing with them…)

    You can do it!! Praying…


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