One week

Market Street on a rainy evening.Has it only been a week? It feels like longer. Next week term starts in full force, and so I am glad to have had this week to put an altered routine into play before throwing choir, Medieval Palaeography, and volunteering in Special Collections into the mix. Reminding myself that it has only been a week also lets me not be so hard on myself about my sleeping schedule: I’m still not falling asleep when I want to, but have still been waking up early to get into work by 9.00 anyway. Now, however, I am tired. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be rain, rain, rain, and so the things I haven’t done today (viz. Latin, editing Bede), can be done tomorrow with a rested mind.

I have been putting a conscious effort into cooking better—or, more creative—meals and I’m pleased to say that I have been successful this week. Upon Sarah’s suggestion I made lasagna, and my first attempt at doing so was not spectacular, but still edible. I altered a soup recipe and it was still tasty; and made pasta sauce from a recipe Casey gave me. Tonight I experimented and I’ll be making the roasted vegetables again for sure. (My ‘experiments’ tend to be rather conservative—I still have to eat with whatever results!) Anyhow, as the beginning of my weeks is going to be rather busy (again! what’s with this Montuesday business?), I at least want to make sure I have the forethought to have leftovers available for when I drag myself home late after choir rehearsal.

Following Kelly’s example, I have decided to do an hour of Latin a day. I am using the book Latin Via Ovid and find it most helpful. Editing of The King of Bede* is now underway, again for an hour each day. It’s heartening to see how much can be done in an hour, when you aren’t distracted by so many other things.

And for those who have had some cause for concern: my arthritis seems to have returned to its normal ever-present yet only-moderately-bothersome state. It appears that I needed only to return to sea level, or at least, the climate to which I have become used.

This has been a more ‘life update’ post than is the usual; I’m tired and mainly wanted an excuse to post the photo I took this evening upon leaving work. It’s blurry, but that adds rather than detracts from the atmosphere, I think.


* Provisional title.