Faun spotting

“However, like foxes and squirrels, some fairies are moving into the cities and towns. In March of 1966 Ogilvie Crombie, while sitting on a bench in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens, met a faun named Kurmos. He was a boy, about three feet tall, who wore no clothing but had shaggy legs and cloven hooves, pointed chin and ears, and little horns on his head. Ogilvie conversed with the creature, who confided that he lived in the Gardens and helped the trees to grow. nature spirits, said the faun, had lost interest in humans ‘since they have been made to feel that they are neither believed in nor wanted’. Kurmos then accepted an invitation back to Ogilvie’s flat. on a later occasion, near the National Gallery, Ogilvie met another creature of the same description as Kurmos, but this one was taller than himself. They walked together through the streets of Edinburgh, the being questioning Ogilvie as to whether he was afraid of him. It played the popes for him, and then left. Ogilvie continued to meet a variety of Otherworldy creatures including the Elf King at Rosemarkie, and, on the island of Iona, Pan, whom he maintained was the god of all nature spirits.”

-from Scottish Fairy Belief: A history by Lizanne Henderson and Edward J. Cowan.

…Yes, I think I have a pretty cool PhD topic. Also, I was able to come up with over a dozen texts that I can use for my thesis, so now I know I actually do have something to write about. Hooray!