A brief pause

It’s been two weeks but I only just now paused to think about what I’ve done the past decade. I remember that the Fun Day Group rang in 2000 at Joel’s house, the group of us standing around the pit in his backyard that the pool was going into, drinking sparkling grape juice and then going inside for cake. It was also Danielle’s birthday. We were freshmen in high school.

We graduated from high school, college. I graduated from my master’s in 2009, started a PhD. Tomorrow, if rumor serves, Joel and his wife will also be here in Kentucky—a small reunion of the FDG for Danielle’s wedding.

I met my bestest best friends in the past decade: family made along the way instead of by circumstance of blood. I’ve written an odd assortment of novels and stories. I’ve been to ten countries; lived in four of them. A lot happens in ten  years.

And now the pause ends, because there is a wedding tomorrow and I must attend to the bride, and thus need my sleep.

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