New Mexico

Foothills of the Sandia mountains.

My mind always turns to Orion when I visit Sarah; this may be, as Jenai has recently informed me, because Jenai grew up in New Mexico. Or perhaps it is because David is in the military, and thus has a ready answer for (most of) my questions. Regardless, I have been thinking much of Jenai, Peter, the Academy, and the Alliance lately, and it is good to have someone to bounce questions off of regarding plausibility and world building. It is now 2010, which means I am allowed to work on Orion again. I have decided to go ahead and write down scenes as they come to me, even if this year is meant to be spent working on the VSI. The more I think of Orion, the more questions I have, the more I realise I don’t know; the more I wish to do this story justice, the more I wish not to lose sight of the story.

We saw AVATAR in 3-D today, and on the ride home Sarah and I discussed the genre of science-fiction, types, and questions we often ask about aliens and science-fiction that few other people seem to ask: two amateur anthropologists speculating the differences between species and the effects these difference have (or ought to have) in relationships between them and humans. Questions that I try to ask, as a writer to enhance my writing. (For the record, we both liked the movie; it was well done, if at times imperfect.)

In the past few weeks I have walked in the forests of the Carolinas and the desert of New Mexico. There is something about the desert and the mountains that pulls on me. We watched the sunset from the foothills yesterday, and looking out at the expanse that went on and on reminded me a bit of the sea. The open horizon leaves the mind open to think. Life struggles in the barrenness; a hard sky over a flat, dry land. In Scotland I am learning the moods of the sea. Someday I would like to live in the desert, someday I want to learn the faces of the mountains.

6 thoughts on “New Mexico

  1. Anna says:

    Glad you like Avatar!

    See, my problem is my characters don’t talk to me… how’d you get yours to be so compliant. mine stare at me like teenagers bent on stonewalling and make me work to figure out who they are 😛


  2. Chera says:

    Anna: Jenai only talks to me when she has something to say, and will only speak when I’ve figured out a certain amount on my own. It’s one of my other characters who routinely gives me ‘history lessons’. I won’t tell him, but it’s Jenai who I really need to hear from these days. Either way, it’s not that they are compliant, it’s that we’ve reached a rapport after these past 10+ years…

    Katherine: Yes! It would be fun to discuss the movie with you.

    Kelly: AVATAR was pretty darn awesome in 3-D; and, nothing was thrown at you or flew into your face. Come live by the sea while I live by the sea; come live in the desert when I live in the desert. Or at least, go live in the mountains north of the desert I live in. It will be closer than how we live, now.


  3. Megan says:

    (I’m sorry that I do all my catch-up reading and response at once…)

    I have pondered the similarity in the great expanses of sea and desert, but I’ve yet to spend time in a desert. I used to want to live in/near one, but after sufficient time in the mountains and some by the sea, I’m thinking I’m a mountain girl. But then, I may have agoraphobic tendencies, and mountains have lots of trees, rocks, and bends. 🙂


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