I am leaving the country in one week. For a month.


  • Buy Christmas cards and write them.
  • Christmas gifts.
  • Mail things.
  • Pack.
  • Pick up Rx’s.
  • Another thesisy meeting.
  • Continue my regularly scheduled researching.
  • Finish books and return them to their respective owners.
  • Edit Bede?
  • Fill out Visa application, etc.
  • Download articles, make sure Thesis will be okay while I’m away.
  • Clean, laundry, etc.?
  • Other things that I know I have forgotten but will hopefully remember later.

And all I want to do is reread The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia. Not that I’m not enjoying the book I’m reading right now (I am), but I love Megan Whalen Turner and these books are more than wonderful and just—there is no time. Alas. (IF A CONSPIRACY OF KINGS COMES OUT LATER IN THE UK THAN IN THE U.S. I SHALL BE MOST UPSET.) Ahem.

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