Write like the wind!

I wrote 5,040 words yesterday, propelling myself forward from being a day behind to being once more a day ahead with NaNoWriMo’s suggested daily word count. When discussing our respective writing exploits the past month (an impressive combined total of 191 pages, academic and creative), Kelly said, “We’re writing—I don’t know what we are. Writing crazies.”

“We’re writing machines!” said I. And we are. If only we—or rather I, as Kelly is much more disciplined about this sort of thing than I am—could keep this up all year ’round.

I am tired. I have been instructed to go to bed early, and having done everything today that I said I would do, I am inclined to obey.

* * *

“The Unknown Knight, is it? I have heard the bogles speak of you with cursing. But that is not your real name. Shall we-” and the Spider King hissed a long, clacking, chuckling hiss –“riddle it out of you?”

2 thoughts on “Write like the wind!

  1. Kelly says:

    Don’t call it discipline on my part. Call it being more miserable without a work in progress than with one.

    But yes, all together, that number makes us look pretty super.

    I want to read the second half of “The Faerie King”! Write, Chera, write.


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