NaNo-09: Half-way

An excerpt:

The White Prince frowned, thinking that this was not very knightly of Sir Hudson, but for the sake of the other knight’s honor chose to say nothing. For the same reason he kept silent about the Knight of the Wagon, for he had never seen any knight wax on so about his lady. She must be a hard mistress indeed. Nothing at all like the Lady Alaine – and Silas leaned his head on his knees with a sigh. She lay enthralled in Faerie and here he was, waiting to be served up for dinner. No horse, no sword, no shield, and no chance for escape. Some knight he was.

Some time later, two of the giants stood and stretched, booming in big voices that they were going to go out hunting. The giants shouted at each other down the length of the cavern and then there was only one giant’s voice echoing in the cave. “I am going to sleep!” he announced. “But not without a snack!”

In three great strides he crossed the cavern and with one long arm snatched up Sir Hudson the Naturalist. Sir Hudson did not even scream as the giant whacked him casually against the floor. “Who are you then!” he shouted at Silas conversationally.

“Nobody,” answered Silas wearily. The giant shook off the knight’s armor and then swallowed him in one bite. He belched and then lay down next to the fire where he instantly fell asleep. Deep, monstrous snores rumbled through the cavern, a terrible thunder. The knights stayed huddled in their corner. Now they were four.

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