Regional differences

It’s raining. But that goes without saying.

Today I said, “In the spring…” and caused some confusion because what I actually meant was, “In January…” And when I was reviewing Pearl, I read, “I entred in that erber grene/ In Augoste” (ll. 38-9) and realized that the first time I read Pearl (a few years ago), I had never been in the UK in August, and so had been confused that it was green in the poem. August in my mind is brown, and also, spring starts in February. The “spring semester” started in January and went until May, when it let out into summer. Even though I now live so much farther north, the deep recesses of my mind still divide the seasons into February-April/Spring, May-September/Summer, October-November/Fall, December-January/Winter. I don’t want to write out the divisions for Scotland, because it is probably the exact opposite and it will be depressing. It is mid-November and the highs in San Antonio are still in the low-80s F/upper-20s C. Meanwhile, here it is already winter, already in the single digits of Celsius, where I am missing something if I leave without a scarf and gloves. And a hat, in case it rains, because the umbrella is just useless…

The rain isn’t that bad. It’s just water, and when you get home, you change into dry clothes and have a cup of tea. It’s just… wet.

5 thoughts on “Regional differences

  1. Casey says:

    Jesse arrived home looking like he had been thrown into a pool fully-clothed. Maybe I should get him a rain poncho too. I think they still had some dinosaur ones at Bonkers.


  2. Chera says:

    Casey: A dinosaur poncho would be awesome. Go for it.

    Sarah: Yup, I did for a little while. But then I had to escape Lady Truffelia’s soporific spell, for I must write! Cats have no great love for literature.


  3. Megan says:

    It’s the cold wet I’m not fond of, hence why I like warm spring showers, as well as the first rain that brought in the chill of autumn here. mmm

    Five months of summer. That’s much too much longer than the other seasons, unless you hate anything but heat, which I definitely do not.


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