Going native

Jesse said that I’m not an American anymore because I used the word “laborious” in conversation. I was describing my process of memorising Old English vocabulary words to one of the medieval MLitts. I, er, think I might have overwhelmed her because I was very thorough. Hi, my name is Chera and I work too hard.

I don’t want to jinx it, but, after perusing some articles today I think my new PhD topic idea just might work. Keep your fingers crossed! I don’t normally read fanfic (I will read it only if it is written or recommended by loneraven), but I was amused that once again I am Hermione.

In other news, it is officially Winter. I walk home in the dark even though I leave at 4:30 pm and there is frost on the ground in the mornings. My knees hate me. I think tomorrow I will check if anywhere in town sells folding canes, and if not, buy one from Amazon UK. I also think that I will treat myself to some Fisher & Donaldson’s tomorrow. They have a yummy new Christmas display in their window…

6 thoughts on “Going native

  1. babiesandaccidentalsongs says:

    Oh, that’s so funny- I just found this post. When you described how you typed out your translation each week for Old English and when you described how you’d learned your vocabulary I was taken aback because I thought I was the only person who would do things like that! You should see my pile of 500 flashcards, all lovingly inscribed! And my typed out translations, with rough copy, corrected copy, and revision copy!

    Yesterday I took my flashcards out in my purse with me, and some of them blew away. We ran after them!

    I’m the MLitt with the reputation for perfectionism this year, but I don’t think there would be much of a competition if you were still in it – I describe myself as a lazy perfectionist, but I think you’re probably the real deal?


    • Chera says:

      I don’t know whether I’m the ‘real deal’ or not! I tend to swing between the extremes of ‘it must be perfect, OR ELSE!’ and ‘in the end, this is all ashes and dust, so why kill myself for something that won’t last?’ The truth is, I am learning to be methodical in my perfectionism, better at choosing what is important and then how to go about it efficiently and effectively. That is what I hope, anyway. Perhaps that’s why it takes me so long to ever start something.


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