Going native

Jesse said that I’m not an American anymore because I used the word “laborious” in conversation. I was describing my process of memorising Old English vocabulary words to one of the medieval MLitts. I, er, think I might have overwhelmed her because I was very thorough. Hi, my name is Chera and I work too hard.

I don’t want to jinx it, but, after perusing some articles today I think my new PhD topic idea just might work. Keep your fingers crossed! I don’t normally read fanfic (I will read it only if it is written or recommended by loneraven), but I was amused that once again I am Hermione.

In other news, it is officially Winter. I walk home in the dark even though I leave at 4:30 pm and there is frost on the ground in the mornings. My knees hate me. I think tomorrow I will check if anywhere in town sells folding canes, and if not, buy one from Amazon UK. I also think that I will treat myself to some Fisher & Donaldson’s tomorrow. They have a yummy new Christmas display in their window…