NaNoWriMo 2009

Clive "Jack" O'LanternOur house was the only one in the block with a pumpkin. His name was Clive “Jack” O’Lantern, and he was a jolly fellow.

Yesterday I posted on twitter, “Happy Halloween! Reformation Day! NaNoWriMo Eve! (On what other day do you get to celebrate THREE holidays at once?)” And though today I was thwarted from going to church for All Saints’ (since my church is All Saints’ Episcopal, I was expecting them to pull out the stops to celebrate), I hope those who observe All Saints’ have had a blessed day. November is here, and with it the rain and wind.

This morning, between the wee hours of 12:10 and 12:59 AM, I wrote 1,349 words. Today, in between rereading The Last Unicorn and catching up on episodes of The Daily Show, I have added another 1,775 words. I am only 200 words shy away of being a full day ahead of schedule, but I think I’ll be able to do that easily enough after dinner.

This passage reminded me (not that I had forgotten) why I love The Last Unicorn:

With an old, gay, terrible cry of ruin, the unicorn reared out of her hiding place. Her hooves came slashing down like a rain of razors, her mane raged, and on her forehead she wore a plume of lightning. The three assassins dropped their daggers and hid their faces, and even Molly Grue and Schmendrick cowered before her. But the unicorn saw none of them. Mad, dancing, sea-white, she belled her challenge again.
…..And the brightness answered her with a bellow like the sound of ice breaking up in the spring. Drinn’s men fled, stumbling and shrieking.
…..Haggard’s castle was on fire, tossing wildly in a sudden cold wind. Molly said aloud, “But it has to be the sea, it’s supposed to be.” She thought that she could see a window, as far away as it was, and a gray face. Then the Red Bull came.

As for my NaNoNovel, I am writing The Faerie King (Or, Prince Silas and the Faeries): “The King of Caern had three sons. [His] third and youngest son was Prince Silas, and he had no story.” Well, we’ll soon change that, won’t we?

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