Hello October

The calendar changed and October came in with a gust of enthusiasm. Temperatures have dropped almost 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) since last weekend. I stepped outside on 1st October to crisp cool air, high blue skies, and the ground littered with red and yellow leaves. Then the wind came, bringing with it angsty, rainy clouds and though the skies have mostly cleared today it’s only because the wind is blowing at 50 mph. That’s Fall for you.

October also means that sign-ups for NaNoWriMo are now open! I’ll be writing—will you?

On the subject of writing, Kelly and I have finished writing Bede, successfully completing our first co-written novel. I’ll be editing first, but it feels good to have a completed draft.

In other news, I’ve survived my first week as a PhD student: literally survived, because I was almost hit by a car crossing the street to get lunch on my second day. I had looked, and there weren’t any cars, and then suddenly there was. No injuries: only a very startled me and an angry driver. I’ve always thought the intersection at Market Street and Church Street to be potentially dangerous.

Anyhow, I made and have kept to the syllabus I made on Monday. This week I read the collected works of Richard Rolle, a fourteenth-century hermit who wrote letters to Margaret Kirkby, a nun who was going to be an anchorite, as well as a smattering of medieval literary theory and some other introductory texts. I have been appointed the new web admin for The Red Wheelbarrow and will start volunteering in Special Collections next week.

Now on this sleepy and lazy Saturday I’m trying to decide if I should go down and make some snickerdoodles, or go back to bed and read…

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