Just a cat

IMG_9135Sir Sherbert, dear Sherbert,
He thinks he is divine
But Sherbert, you see,
Is but a tame feline.

He meows with insistence
And never says please,
He is entitled to all
And lives a life of ease.

‘Sir Sherbert, if I may,
I fear I must inform you
That you are, in fact,
Just a cat.’

‘Just a cat! Dear Madam,’
Sir Sherbert did purr,
‘There is no better creature
That ever lived in fur.

My whiskers are white,
And my tail is so furry;
My dinner will be late
If you do not hurry.

So human, dear human,
It is in error you say
That I am, in fact,
Just a cat.’

7 thoughts on “Just a cat

  1. Chera says:

    Thanks. 🙂 Though I suppose I could have been like the author of Snow and simply have said:

    Chera did not consider herself a poet, but seeing Sherbert curled there so regally upon her bed she was inspired to say, “Sherbert, I must say, you really are, in fact, just a cat.” At the sound of her voice he began once again to purr loudly, and in that moment she envisioned a dialogue between a human and a cat. She sat down and wrote it all in one sitting, word following after word, and would change little when she came back to it later. Drawing upon her extensive experience with medieval lyrics and early modern satire, she wrote the poem in mock heroic style and with a rousing rhythm. She titled the poem, ‘Just a cat.’


  2. Sarah says:

    Hahahahaha 🙂

    Also, I love it when they sleep with their little paws over their faces… “tuuuurrrnnnn ooooffff the lliiiiiiggghtttt…it’s tooooo briiiightttt”


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