A year ago

My new housemates are going to get the wrong impression of me. Last week I baked zucchini bread from scratch. Neil and Katy have a green house and a bumper crop of zucchini, so, some bread seemed the best way to get rid of some. Except, neither of them had heard of zucchini bread and both were hesitant to try some. But I have won them over and Katy has baked some zucchini bread (or courgette loaf, as she calls it) herself.

IMG_9092Neil came in while I was baking today and asked, “What exciting thing are you making now?” Blackberry cobbler! After church on Sunday, the lovely Sharpes and I went blackberry picking—or brambling, as Scots call it, for blackberries are brambles—and in addition to enjoying fresh blackberries in my porridge for breakfast, I thought I would try my hand at a cobbler recipe Casey sent me. I feel quite accomplished: I baked a whole blackberry cobbler all by myself, crust and all, with blackberries I picked myself! I listened to Megan’s ‘String Pickin’ Good Time’ playlist and the Elizabethtown soundtracks because, as we all know, cobblers are Southern, and thus require appropriate music to accompany any baking endeavors.

Oh, and I have lived in Scotland for exactly one year. I thought I would have some cobbler to celebrate.


7 thoughts on “A year ago

  1. Danielle says:

    that does look yummy. Have I told you the groom’s cake is actually going to be blackberry cobbler…and the funny story behind that?


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