Wild blue yonder

When moving into a new place, especially one already occupied by longtime inhabitants, the humble Author recommends the following suggestions to make yourself feel more at home:

  1. Spend a sunny afternoon doing two loads of laundry, all of which shall hang on the lines in the back garden;
  2. Bake two loaves of zucchini from scratch, using homegrown zucchini from the back garden’s green house—this is especially effective if one listens to one’s favorite music, such as Benny Goodman and the Andrews Sisters;
  3. Return home late enough to have to unlock to the door to let oneself in;
  4. Help around the house, i.e., hoovering or regularly emptying the dishwasher;
  5. Befriend the local wildlife, establishing mutual indifference with felines and proper authority with canines;
  6. Sleep there, for nothing creates familiarity as effectively as continued exposure and the establishment of a routine.

In other news, the deluge last week has given way to proper Scottish September weather. Such sunny skies and cool breezes demand that one goes outdoors, and so I have made the short trek IMG_9086into town each day if only to read a bit in the Cathedral or in St John’s garden. To the relief of those involved, today remained remarkably clear for the annual air show at the nearby RAF base. From my room atop a hill I could see them practicing the past few days and was very pleased indeed when several formations flew over me while I sat in the Night stair nook of the cathedral ruins.

In other news, academia continues to take its toll on my eyesight and I shall soon be in possession of two new pairs of glasses. I am used to perusing the different frames on my own, so it was a bit amusing to have someone trail after me, collecting the discarded frames and politely asking why I didn’t like them. “It’s too shiny,” I said at one point, for lack of a better excuse. I was slightly appalled that I had to repeat my reference to Goldilocks, but otherwise my assistant was both friendly and helpful. Now I look forward to several more sunny days, and better specs with which to enjoy them.

5 thoughts on “Wild blue yonder

  1. Megan says:

    MORE than your money’s worth, at that. I’m glad you are fostering home-ness.

    I’m also glad that I’m becoming accustomed to terms (such as”specs”) here, which still sound to me like words only used in books, but I am becoming used to hearing them, nonetheless. And you reinforce them.

    Question: Why does “enforce” become “reinforce” instead of “reenforce,” while “evaluate” keeps the E in”reevaluate”??? Silly English language.


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