Varied distractions

In the past week or so, I have turned in my master’s dissertation, moved house, snuck into a conference session, read two books, watched five or so movies, and eaten lots of food. The rain fell continuously for nearly three days, resulting in a flooded river and several bewildered ducks, with reports of equally baffled sheep. It has been said that my vintage raincoat and new hat make me look like a cheerful Communist. I have also averted a potential crisis by shelving Good Omens with the P’s instead of the G’s on the higher shelf and unintentionally bought two books from the used book tables on Market Street. Could you pass up Don’t Panic!: Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by none other than Neil Gaiman and a large, illustrated Always Coming Home by the magnificent Ursula K. Le Guin for only £1 each? Of course, much else can be said for the fullness of the past week: much laughter has been had, as well as music shared and stories told over tea and fudge doughnuts in groups of six or four or two, but such anecdotes are kept in the minds of those who hold them. I have not had much opportunity to sit and ruminate, which is fine. Felicity leaves Monday, the figurative sense following directly the literal, and next week I shall have the few days at home I need to organize both thoughts and possessions. At the present the silence of a blog is a sign of a life away from the computer, and since it is my month off from work, this is as it should be.