Oh, synchronizers!

The more ADD I get the more I think in parentheses. No really. Or with excessive amounts of commas. It is probably, no doubt, partially related to the quantities of caffeine consumed this week, not aided in the least by the gift of Dove Dark Chocolates (behavioural conditioning! a piece of chocolate for a chapter read! for 500 400 300 200 100 words written!) included in the package from my mother. It is, however, more likely my brain’s method of informing me, quite obstinately, that twenty-four (24) hours was not enough, thankyouverymuch, to take off between the compositions of the First Chapter and the Second. These two facts compounded with the fact that the dissertation is being disobedient — a consequence I should have foreseen, considering the subject matter, similar to how God should have foreseen that forgetting to change the locks to Paradise after expelling Satan was a bad idea, and then they ate the apples he was saving for pie, and Cain misunderstood the term ‘sibling rivalry’, but I digress — have led to me being slightly behind schedule. (No, I am not being sacrilegious. If one cannot approach one’s subject with some degree of levity, one might very well go mad.)

But in all sobriety, the dissertation is actually skipping along quite well, especially when one considers that several MLitts I know of haven’t even begun writing. ‘Slightly’, in this case, means… a day. Perhaps a day and a  half, but nothing a Saturday can’t solve. (Astonishingly apt considering that Saturn is the god of ‘human time’.) However, I haven’t the slightest clue when I will write my penultimate chapter of Bede. I would work on it tonight, but in my present state of mind, this is probably not a good idea. (Fear not, Eliot, if all else fails I shall write it on the train.) Anyhow, as I have gotten ahead of schedule with reading The Name of the Rose, I shall spend this evening watching ST:TOS, and hopefully none of the episodes will have traces of medievalism.