This week I have gotten a grand total of fifteen (15) hours of sleep, six (6) of those being in the last three (3) days. Insomnia, yes. The leading theories are that I am evolving into a higher organism, or that the extra-strength decongestant is wreaking havoc with my system. Experiments to ensue. I and everyone is amazed I haven’t disintegrated into a shaking puddle of tears and irrationality. However, despite sleep deprivation and adventures with Crazy Anachronistic Muslim Jews and the Amazing Oedipal-Mosaic Judas, some Things of Note have happened this week, namely:

  1. A positive meeting with The Rheumatologist. I have, it has been said, stunningly perfect toes.
  2. Officially accepting the Offer of a Place as a Ph.D student. I had the rare opportunity of delivering my letter in person.
  3. Cut off a good foot (12″/30 cm) of my hair. I had an audience when The Hairdresser snipped off the ponytail that will soon be sent to Locks of Love.

hairHastily edited, alas, but here is your “before and after.”

Despite my seeming coherency, I feel like tightwalking on a bar of music, and so it is probably a Good Thing that I have an appointment made to see a GP on Monday morning.